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10 Services Sarnia Drivers Often Overlook

Sunday 19 November 2017

We live such busy lives nowadays: work, social events, running the kids all over Sarnia . Some days it's all we can do to keep track of everywhere we need to be. That's why you've gotta be organized. Smartphones, calendar apps - we have to keep track of it all.So let's talk about schedules. Specifically, automotive service schedules. And particularly, the scheduled services that are sometimes forgotten.Here is a list of 10 service items that are often overlooked by Sarnia residents. They're all... read more

Following Recommended Intervals for Your vehicle

Monday 06 November 2017

If you're reading this article in Sarnia , Ontario, then you probably care about your vehicle and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your professional service advisor at LaSalle Auto Centre tells you the manufacturer recommends some additional service. Your heart beats a little faster, your blood pressure rises. You worry about spending more money than you had planned. And you worry that if you say "no," you might be harming your veh... read more

Does Your Car Have A Recall Item?

Tuesday 12 September 2017

No matter how well they're made, vehicles are bound to have problems with their design or manufacturing. Think of all the moving parts. When the government thinks a problem is really serious, they require the vehicle manufacturer to issue recall notices to Sarnia residents and to fix the affected vehicles free of charge. The they try to contact all Sarnia residents who own that type of car so they can have it taken care of at their Sarnia service center. To find out if your... read more

Why a Trip Inspection Is a Good Idea

Sunday 30 July 2017

At LaSalle Auto Centre we get a lot of Sarnia drivers asking about vehicle trip preparation. That's a big deal. You could be driving through mountains and deserts in some pretty lonely areas around Ontario, so it's important to know that the vehicle is up to the task and won't leave you stranded.Smart Sarnia drivers plan ahead for a major road trip – and there are a lot of things to get ready. Where should you start? You could start with the tires. Look them over for tread wear... read more

Synthetic Oil for Sarnia Autos

Sunday 11 June 2017

If you are a driver in Sarnia and you aren't currently using synthetic motor oil in your vehicle, maybe now's the time to consider it. Need more information? Well, synthetic motor oil is a substitute for petroleum based oil. Synthetic oil doesn't gel or gum-up like petroleum based oil and it doesn't vaporize as easily. It protects better in severe driving conditions like stop and go driving around Sarnia , as well as in very hot or very cold conditions. More and more new ve... read more

Can Your Car Last Another Year?

Tuesday 02 May 2017

Have you checked out the price of new vehicles at Sarnia car dealers? Ouch! Add financing and insurance and a new ride may not seem so attractive. A lot of Sarnia , Ontario, folks are hoping to make their cars last a lot longer.Fortunately, with the current state of automotive engineering and manufacturing, there's no reason a modern vehicle can't be made to last for a 150,000 miles (250,000 kilometers) or more for smart Sarnia drivers.The old adage: 'a stitch in time saves nine' is really tru... read more

Keys to a Long Lasting Vehicle

Sunday 19 March 2017

We live in a disposable society. Everything from elaborate packaging to our clothing. Even cell phones are disposable. When replacement is cheaper than repair, the term "built to last" goes by the wayside. An exception is our vehicles. They're still a very big investment and Sarnia drivers want to make them last as long as possible.  We also want to make keeping them running as cheap as possible. When talking vehicles, it's all about preventive maintenance. There is an old saying that says... read more

Keep Your Sarnia Car Breathing Free: Engine Air Filter

Monday 06 February 2017

Hey Sarnia - this is something really amazing: Your vehicle uses 12,000 times as much air as fuel when you drive it. All of that air has to be filtered to keep your engine clean.That's like 100 gallons (380 liters) of air every block! The engine air filter is just another example of a very important but inexpensive part that has to do a tremendous amount of work. And when it works, everything goes well. But, when it doesn't, well, it can lead to problems. Of cour... read more

Change Your Wiper Blades Twice Yearly at LaSalle Auto Centre

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Because 90% of our driving decisions are based on visual information, unobscured vision is paramount. Which brings us to the topic of today's LaSalle Auto Centre article: wiper blades. While this isn't the most exciting automotive subject, it's important. You wouldn't drive at night in Sarnia with your headlights off, but a dirty or streaked vehicle windshield can catch the glare of the sun or on-coming headlights and make it just as difficult to see... read more

Serpentine Belt Service at LaSalle Auto Centre

Monday 05 December 2016

Most Sarnia folks occasionally have days when they've got a bunch of errands to run. Yesterday was my day off and I needed to fill the gas tank, pick up some groceries at my Sarnia market, swing by the ATM and get the kids from school. I could have made four trips . . . but that would have been totally inefficient. Instead I got unusually organized and planned my stops. I hit the ATM first and got gas next. Then I went to the supermarket and picked up the kids on the way home. I was proud of m... read more

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