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EXP 6/13/2023
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EXP 6/13/2023
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EXP 6/13/2023

Lasalle Auto Centre Brake Fluid

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle and your family, nothing is more critical than your brakes. Due to the gradual deterioration of the brake system, you’re unlikely to notice a problem until it is too late. Make a brake flush service part of your normal maintenance schedule to ensure the safety of you and your loved one.

Why it is important

  • Brake fluid oxidizes and degrades over time causing poor performance
  • Changing fluid on a regular basis will increase brake performance and safety
  • Minimizes accidents and improves overall safety of your vehicle
  • Increases performance in case of "surprise" braking

Did you know?

Brake fluid loves to absorb water?
Moisture is naturally absorbed by brake fluid over time, which can cause sluggish brake response or brake failure. Moisture also causes the boiling point of the fluid to go down resulting in poor brake performance.
As brake fluid absorbs moisture it can become corrosive and damage very expensive brake system parts like a $1400 ABS modulator pump for example? A few dollars spent regularly flushing you brake system can save you thousands down the road.

Maintenance Tips

Look at your odometer, if you have gone over your OEM recommended service interval it is time to replace it.
Your brake system should be flushed yearly, but never longer then every two years.
Only use the type of fluid recommended in your owner’s manual.